Studio Plan

You might know about Geisha, who is a female entertainer, trained in the traditional arts, singing and dancing, and serves as a party companion and hostess. Maiko is an apprentice of Geisha. In Asakusa, you can be a Geisha and Maiko and have photos taken.
There are some places you can experience Geisha/Maiko makeover in Tokyo. One of them is \"Geisha Makeover Cocomo Tokyo\" in Asakusa town. Making up whity, wearing Japanese hair wig, and dressing your favorite Japanese kimono, the studio will change you into a beautiful kimono Geisha and Maiko girl.
You can have your photos taken with Japanese props such as a umbrella and a fan. A male customer can have a Japanese sword in Samurai style, too.

Outside photography

Cocomo offers Outside Photography plans as well.
In Asakusa, there are many viewing and visiting spots such as the most famous Tokyo's temple, Sensouji temple, and its old fashioned shopping street for souvenirs, and viewing Skytree.\r\nThe photographer is serious but at the same time very friendly to take the best shots. She asks her customers for the posture and smiling to make her photos perfect.

Geisha, Maiko, Oiran, Samurai, Kabuki, and more...

Cocomo also can take Oiran style photos - top ranked courtesan in old Japan. You might look down on her because she is in fact prostitute, but there were only a few girls who could be Oiran. She had to be beautiful, of course, and had to be intelligent and have sophisticated manners and skills such as literature, calligraphy, and playing music instruments.
This is how a man can buy Oiran at that time. He had to meet her 3 times to buy her.

First time - the customer even could not talk with her, and he was evaluated by her if he is appropriate to her. He had to call some geisha to let her enjoy and show her how he was financially strong.
Second time - now he can talk a little, but almost the same as the first time.
Third time - finally he can eat dinner with her and actually stay at a night with her.

Cocomo has many plans from kimono rentals to photo sessions in various old Japanese style. You can check the plans and prices in the link below, and also make reservations. page)

Enjoy Japan!