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Capturing Taito's Essence: The 2024 Calendar as Artistic Souvenir



2023.11.23 (Thu)

By Dan Lewis, inbound tourism adviser and consultant, long-term Japan resident & outdoor activity enthusiast.

Looking for a way to savor the beauty of Taito throughout the upcoming year? Your search ends here with the "2024 Taito City Tourism Calendar," offering a captivating journey through this vibrant district, blending the artistic mastery of Hiroshige Utagawa I with the functionality of a calendar.

Hiroshige's art graces each page, masterfully depicting each season. His bold compositions and vivid colors, which have inspired Western painters such as Van Gogh and Monet, now bring Taito City to life in this exquisite calendar. The theme, "Taito City as depicted by Hiroshige Utagawa I," invites viewers to compare the present-day sights with Hiroshige's timeless renditions in "Meisho Edo hyakkei (One Hundred Famous Views of Edo)."

For those who have wandered through Taito City, the calendar becomes more than just a piece of art; it transforms into a cherished memento, embodying the essence of classic Japanese style. It serves as a tangible reminiscence of the joy and cultural richness experienced during your visit, capturing the spirit with a touch of traditional Japanese elegance. Whether displayed on your wall or used as a planning tool for future trips, this calendar seamlessly combines art, history, and practicality.

"But where can I acquire this amazing calendar?" you ask. Finding it is a breeze, with various locations offering this unique piece. From "SHOP Taito" at Taito City Office to Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center, Asakura Sculpture Museum, Ichiyo Memorial Museum, Former Tokyo Music School Sogakudo, Calligraphy Museum, to the Tokyo Tourist Information Center and Japan Map Center, the calendar is readily available. For those who prefer online shopping, it can also be accessed through the Japan Map Center's Internet site, "Map Center Net Shopping."

The "2024 Taito City Tourism Calendar" is not merely a practical tool; it's a beautiful souvenir that captures the quintessence of Taito City. A delightful fusion of artistic expression and classic Japanese style, this calendar is the perfect way to reflect on past adventures and plan for those yet to come.

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