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Asakusa Yokocho: Asakusa's Temple of Festivals and Food



2023.01.26 (Thu)

By Dan Lewis, long-term Japan resident & outdoor activity enthusiast.

Asakusa Yokocho is a new retail complex located in Taito City that offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience the culture of Asakusa through festivals and street performances, all while enjoying a delicious meal. This exciting new destination opened its doors in July 2022, and is quickly becoming a must-see attraction for tourists and locals alike.

The various shops and restaurants within Asakusa Yokocho offer a wide range of delicious food options, including traditional Japanese dishes and international cuisine. Additionally, the shops offer a variety of souvenirs and items that reflect the traditional culture of Asakusa.

Brightly colored lanterns and neon signs guide visitors to mouth-watering yakitori, or grilled chicken, and refreshing alcoholic beverages. Shop designs are colorful and stylish as the food is delicious.

Located in the heart of Taito City, Asakusa Yokocho is easily accessible by public transportation. Visitors can take the subway to Asakusa Station and then walk to the facility. The area is also well-served by buses and trams, making it easy to get to from anywhere in the city.

Don't miss out on the chance to experience the unique culture of Asakusa at Asakusa Yokocho. This newly opened facility is quickly becoming one of the top destinations in Taito City for food, festivals, and entertainment. Visit Asakusa Yokocho for a truly unforgettable experience!

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