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The Secret is Out!: Delicious Shaved Ice at Himitsudo!



2022.12.01 (Thu)

By Dan Lewis, long-term Japan resident & outdoor activity enthusiast.

Think shops selling traditional Japanese sweets are on the way out? Visit this delightful eatery in Yanaka and you’ll think again! As the place to get delicious shaved ice, Himitsudo is extremely popular, with lines almost all day, every day, all year!

Shaved ice is a sweet delicacy made from finely shaved blocks of ice, and has been popular in Japan since ancient times. Hitmitsudo takes things to the next level, surprisingly by keeping to the basics. Staff crank out flakes of ice on traditional handle-operated machines, creating mountains of fluffy, snow-like shaved ice. Those are then covered in sweetened condensed milk and a selection of freshly made fruit toppings. With options changing daily, there are more than a hundred variations throughout the year!

And though it is pricier than other shaved ice, when you consider that you can enjoy the fresh taste of seasonal fruits turned into shaved ice during the hot summer, it’s hard to say no!

With patrons lining up even during the winter, visitors in the warmer seasons can expect long waits to enjoy these ice treats topped with fresh fruits. The “Marugoto Natsu Pine Zanmai,” for example, has what feels like a whole pineapple on top! Are you eating shaved ice with pineapple honey or the pineapple itself? Or try shaved ice with strawberry sauce literally overflowing!

December is too cold for an icy treat, you say? Not at all! This treat is perfect any time of the year! You can find Himitsudo just west of JR Nippori Station. Take the west exit and head for Yanaka Ginza. Go down the stairs of "Yuyake Dandan” and turn left at the first crossroads.
Go about 20 meters and turn right.

Finally, readers familiar with Japanese might guess that the name “Himitsudo” comes from “secret” but actually, “Hi” comes from “ice” and “mitsu” comes from “honey.” So it’s no secret how deliciously sweet this shaved ice is! It’s the perfect name for such an amazing treat!

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