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Taito City’s World Bag & Luggage Museum: Largest collection in the world!



2022.11.24 (Thu)

By Dan Lewis, long-term Japan resident & outdoor activity enthusiast.

The cat is out of the bag! The World Bag & Luggage Museum is home to the biggest collection of bags in the world! Here you will find row after row of bags of every color and style from around the world.

Learn about the unique lifestyles and customs of countries around the world with over 50 countries on five continents represented by hundreds of bags on display, each with fashions and styles unique to their area. There is even a section just for Japan!

Each country has its own unique culture and customs, of course, and these bags highlight the historical differences and developments in “bag technology.” Come learn about cutting-edge technology and see special exhibitions detailing the process of crafting bags, which materials are used, various types of fasteners and zippers, and even information on how to care for bags!

Explanations in English accompany each exhibition, detailing the bags’ background.

If there was a competition for bag museums, this museum would have it “in the bag.” This museum is unique in all the world. In addition to the rare collections including bags used on the moon, the museum aims to “deliver heartfelt fun and excitement to each and every person who visits.”

The museum has a real “bag of tricks” as well! In addition to a free rest area and free Wi-Fi, admission to the museum is also free! Unfortunately, nothing here is for sale, but you won’t be left holding the bag - you’ll have learned everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bags and more!

So pack your bags and head to the WORLD BAGS & LUGGAGE MUSEUM on your next visit to Taito City!

Access: A 1-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Asakusa Line


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