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Autumn Colors in Ueno Park: An oasis of nature in the big city



2022.11.10 (Thu)

By Dan Lewis, long-term Japan resident & outdoor activity enthusiast.

Autumn is one of the best times to enjoy Ueno Park and the beautiful nature found within! Today, we’ll showcase Ueno Park, where you can experience the beauty of autumn foliage up close, a popular autumn pastime in Japan.

Perhaps because it is located in the center of Tokyo’s metropolis, Taito City’s Ueno Park is an oasis of nature, full of greenery that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Autumn, in particular, shines a colorful light on several spots where visitors can enjoy the autumn leaves. Today, we’ll briefly explain a few of them.

Surrounded by brilliant yellow ginkgo trees, the “Statue of Takamori Saigo” stands impressively as a memorial to one of Japan's last samurai, and one who strived for the modernization of Japan. The amber leaves add to the aura of this already imposing figure.

Walk around Ueno Toshogu Shrine and the nearby Five Storied Pagoda for a magnificent display of fall colors. The gold of the shrine and surrounding ginkgo leaves create a stereotypical contrast with the vermilion multi-storied pagoda and maple leaves.

Take a paddle boat out into Shinobazu Pond and enjoy the autumn colors from far away, or from underneath the branches that stretch over the water. Reflections in the water will amplify the scenery of colorful trees, with TOKYO SKYTREE set in the background.

The Tokyo National Museum is located in the northern part of Ueno Park. The approach to the museum is lined with ginkgo trees, itself a work of art, and is particularly beautiful during this season.

Ueno Park can be accessed 2 minutes on foot from Ueno Station or about 1 minute from Keisei Ueno Station. Parking is available, but limited.

Come for a leisurely stroll and take in the beautiful fall colors at the many scenic spots in Ueno Park!

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