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Taito City’s Yanaka: Enjoy the tastes of autumn



2022.10.13 (Thu)

By Dan Lewis, long-term Japan resident & outdoor activity enthusiast.

With chestnuts in season, October is the ideal time to enjoy soft, creamy swirls of decadent chestnut confection at Waguriya, a Japanese chestnut specialty shop in Yanaka.

Enjoyed as a nutritious treat, chestnuts have been a key part of Japanese food culture for hundreds of years. Today, we visit Waguriya, a quaint shop opened in 2011 along the old-town district of Yanaka Ginza shopping arcade. Here, an assortment of chestnut fare ranging from raw chestnuts to savory chestnut steamed rice and delectable chestnut sweets.

Waguriya has its own chestnut farm with more than 1000 trees on nearly 3 hectares (about 7 acres) in Ibaraki Prefecture, allowing it to provide its customers with only the very best chestnuts directly from their farm. And, in fact, it is one of very few Japanese chestnut specialty stores in Japan that continue to pursue the deliciousness of Japanese chestnuts with treats such as steamed chestnuts and roasted chestnuts.

Some of the chestnut treats you’ll want to be sure to try include:

Premium Montblanc "HITOMALU"
Although there are many Japanese chestnuts, the variety "Hitomaru" stands out in terms of color, taste and aroma. Extremely scarce and rarely available to the public, “Hitomaru” is a delicacy that is cultivated in very limited amounts on our private farm and neighboring farms. This premium montblanc that uses 100% “Hitomaru” chestnuts has been available from September of 2021.

For further information on products provided by Waguriya, please check out their website for their main shop located in Yanaka.

The last order at Waguriya is 17:00, so be sure to stop by early.

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