Ameyoko: Gateway to Taito City



2022.09.01 (Thu)

By Dan Lewis, long-term Japan resident & outdoor activity enthusiast.

Welcome to Ameyoko - the gateway to Taito City and a highly popular open-air shopping district that symbolizes the vibrancy of Taito City.

Ameyoko is a charismatic shopping district connecting Ueno and Okachimachi Stations with half a kilometer of pure delight for shoppers and peckish people alike. And of course fun for anyone who just wants to wander up and down the open-air arcade, taking in the bright lights, delicious smells and the sounds of BGM mixed with the shouts of merchants from nearly 400 shops touting their wares.

The streets are literally lined with a huge variety of shops where customers can enjoy a wide range of gourmet foods, clothing shops, shoe retailers, sports equipment discount shops, specialty boutiques, etc. It might be cliche to say, but if you need it, Ameyoko has it!

It’s impossible to showcase all of the exciting shops you’ll find in Ameyoko, but here are a few you are sure to enjoy.

Swing by Hyakkaen New Fruit for delicious seasonal fresh fruits skewered on waribashi. It’s a sweet snack to enjoy as you explore. For something meatier, stop by Niku no Ohyama for a juicy minced beef patty covered with a crispy breading exterior. And nothing says “snacks” like Niki-no-Kashi Number 1 Store, where literally thousands of snacks and sweets have been sold for over 75 years!

In the Ameyoko Center Building, you will find shops selling ethnic foods from all over Asia, as well as specialty shops for photography, footwear, jewelry, sporting goods and more!

Come take a comfortable stroll through a myriad of shops - day or night! With the amazing mixture of clothing shops, eateries and specialty shop after specialty shop, you are sure to stay entertained while getting your shopping done.

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