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Relaxing Cafés in Yanaka: Taito City’s Way to Relax in Summer



2022.08.18 (Thu)

By Dan Lewis, long-term Japan resident & outdoor activity enthusiast.

In today’s special feature, we’ll introduce a variety of cafés found in Taito City’s Yanaka area. Each of these spots are a perfect way to enjoy a cold drink to finish off a walk around Yanaka on a hot summer day.

Café Neco-e-mon
Located in the old part of Yanaka, this is no ordinary café! Built from a refurbished folk house more than 90 years old, here you can enjoy not only a relaxing cup of tea and some cookies, you can also paint your own maneki-neko, (lit. ‘beckoning cat’) which is usually referred to as “lucky cat.” There are many of these cats decorated throughout the café. Lunch and various drinks including beer are also available at Café Nekoemon, consider making it a part of your plans when you take a town walk through Yanaka.

Sansakizaka Café
Venue for live music, art exhibitions, various clubs and more, the Sansakizaka Café is more than just a place to get a drink! With more than 200 events hosted each year, Sansakizaka Café is a place of connections, collaborations and culture - and of course, classy food! A sort of “multi-café” where you can enjoy handmade sweets, lunches, and bar-style events, including art exhibitions.

Kayaba Coffee
Founded in 1938 and set in a 1916 townhouse, Kayaba Coffee retains the rustic atmosphere of the Showa period, and is symbolic of the Yanaka area. It is loved by the locals who supported its reopening after closing due to the passing of the founder’s wife. With the new renovation, remnants from the Showa era can be felt with now-exposed structural beams and ceilings from the Taisho era, and all connected with a modern reinterpretation. With a stylish menu, you’re sure to hesitate when deciding what to enjoy - so be sure to go at least twice!

Tokyo summers are very hot, so stop by one of these charming cafés while enjoying the sights and sounds as you take a town walk through Taito City.

For the latest information on operating hours for these cafes, please check the link below.
Café Neco-e-mon:
Sansakizaka Café:
Kayaba Coffee:

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