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The gateway to Japanese art "Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum"



2022.08.11 (Thu)

By Dan Lewis, long-term Japan resident & outdoor activity enthusiast.

Opened nearly a century ago, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is Japan’s first public art museum and as such, has been the world’s gateway to Japanese art, and Japan’s to overseas.

Its easy-access layout allows visitors to enjoy exhibitions at their own pace. And recent renovations have made it universally accessible to all. It holds regular exhibitions (approximately 280 per year) and provides space for public groups to display their exhibits.

Originally opened with donations by businessmen, the museum was later relocated after building a second, larger facility. Then, 10 years ago, the restaurant and shop were renovated along with making the entire structure universally accessible.

Today we’ll introduce a few exhibitions currently on display.

・Art & Power: From Pharaohs to Daimyōs. Masterworks from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (currently on display until October 2nd)
The works of art created by first-class painters and craftsmen still emit a majestic brilliance that overwhelms those who see them. Focusing on the role originally played by the works of art we appreciate, we look back on the history of art with power. This exhibition was canceled in 2020 due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. The long-awaited event is finally here.

・Finn Juhl and Danish Chairs (currently on display until October 9th)
This exhibition traces the history and transition of Danish furniture design, explores the background to the creation of such rich examples, and explores the appeal of Finn Juhl's designs that are modern yet comfortable to the body.
We will introduce Finn Juhl's wide range of work, from the design of chairs, to the design of his own house that embodies the ideal space, to the interior design of residences, shops, and offices, and the fresh watercolor paintings he draws to convey his ideas.

Be sure to make the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum a part of your trip to Taito City!

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