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Shopping at Yanaka Ginza, full of Tokyo’s traditional downtown culture



2022.04.28 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

In Japan, Golden Week is a major holiday period from late April to early May. During this time, Yanaka Ginza in Taito City is expected to be bustling with shoppers. It is one of Tokyo's renown traditional shopping streets.

Yanaka Ginza stretches between JR Nippori Station (Yamanote Line) and Sendagi Station (Chiyoda Line). A wide variety of about 60 shops line the short, 170-meter street and they include unique pastry shops such as selling doughnuts like a cat's tail, clothing shops, and sundry shops.

Yanaka Ginza was founded about 70 years ago. In the past 30 years, it has gained attention as one of Tokyo's traditional downtown areas great for strolling and it has attracted visitors from far and wide including overseas tourists. Yanaka Ginza's promotion association and shop owners have cooperated to create their own brand image and official cat mascot named "Sen-chan." By doing so, they have successfully developed a thriving and lively shopping street.

Yanaka Ginza, full of originality, also has the "Sen-chan Stamp Card" for shoppers to get a gift card or prize. When you buy something at a participating store in Yanaka Ginza, you will receive Sen-chan Stamp Stickers. When you collect enough stamps, you can use the stamp card as a gift certificate or enter a drawing to win a nice prize. Enjoy shopping at Yanaka Ginza with an atmosphere of traditional Japanese culture and have fun collecting Sen-chan stamps for a prize!

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