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3 Spots for Taking Pictures of TOKYO SKYTREE, a Symbol of Tokyo!



2022.04.07 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

Since its construction, TOKYO SKYTREE—which is located near Asakusa—has been a landmark of Tokyo, along with the Tokyo Tower. Here are 3 unique spots in Taito City where you can take pictures of TOKYO SKYTREE.

Sensoji Temple
Given that Sensoji Temple—the highly popular tourist attraction in Taito City—is located very close to TOKYO SKYTREE (15 minutes by foot), you can enjoy a very nice view of TOKYO SKYTREE from Sensoji Temple. A picture containing both Sensoji Temple, which symbolizes traditional Japan, and TOKYO SKYTREE, which symbolizes the modern world, is representative of Tokyo, as it continues to incorporate the latest trends while maintaining its traditional downtown area.

Sumida Park
At Sumida Park in Taito City, you can take pictures of TOKYO SKYTREE against a backdrop of cherry blossoms, which are in full bloom in Tokyo right now. Surely, it will be difficult to resist uploading a picture of TOKYO SKYTREE decorated by cherry blossoms, one of the symbolic flowers of Japan, on social media platforms. Would you like to come visit Sumida Park to take a wonderful picture while also enjoying the cherry blossoms?

Sakurabashi Bridge
Sakurabashi Bridge, which crosses the Sumida River, is another spot for taking pictures of TOKYO SKYTREE. Although it is quite difficult to capture TOKYO SKYTREE nicely from top to bottom in a picture because there are many tall buildings in Tokyo, Sakurabashi Bridge is one place where you can do so. By all means, please try taking a picture of TOKYO SKYTREE rising high in the sky.

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