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Prime Cherry Blossom Spot in Tokyo! Ueno Park



2022.03.24 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

Cherry blossom will soon reach peak bloom in Tokyo. While the Taito City is dotted with several cherry blossom spots such as Asakusa's Sensoji Temple and the Sumida Park in the vicinity of TOKYO SKYTREE, I would like to recommend Ueno Park in Ueno as the prime destination for enjoying cherry blossoms.

Ueno Park is very popular for cherry blossom viewing, and Ueno's fame for this activity goes back all the way to the Edo period (when samurai played a big part in Japanese sociopolitics.) The Shogun, who was the political leader of Japan at the time, ordered the planting of cherry trees at Kaneiji Temple which is located near Ueno Park and this led many people to visit Ueno to enjoy the cherry blossoms and have picnics there.

The Ueno Park is home to 1,200 cherry trees, which you can enjoy in various ways such as strolling along sakura dori—the central pathway—which is lined with cherry trees on both sides that form a spectacular pink arch at peak blossom or riding a boat on Shinobazu Pond and enjoying the cherry blossoms from the lake. Additionally, the park has 8 types of cherry trees which have slightly different blooming periods, allowing you to enjoy the cherry blossoms and their transitions for a longer period of time. Furthermore, while it has been suspended due to the impact of COVID-19 for 2022, the "Ueno Sakura Matsuri" festival is held annually at Ueno Park in accordance with the cherry blossom peaks, during which you can enjoy special events such as cherry blossoms illuminated by paper lanterns at night and more.

At the moment, Ueno Park has released an advisory for visitors to refrain from activities such as "parties with alcohol, setting up picnic mats to drink and eat in groups, and occupying outdoor tables for long hours to eat and drink" to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, sakura dori is currently one-way only. Other than that, please remember to wear your mask and avoid crowded areas to safely enjoy this beautiful scenery that only lasts for a short time.

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