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Enjoy the "Fall of Art" at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum



2021.10.21 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

In Japan, there is a phrase "Fall of Art.” As you might expect, the expression means that fall is the ideal season for enjoying art. There are various theories regarding its origin: the phrase "Fall of Fine Art" was mentioned in a magazine article from around 100 years ago, while it is also thought by many that the phrase has its origins in the fact that a great many exhibitions are held in this season. Wherever the phrase comes from, it is certainly the case that this season of red leaves and beautiful blue skies can elevate one's appreciation of art.

This time I want to introduce to you a perfect spot to enjoy the Fall of Art: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Taito City. The museum, Japan's first public art museum, opened in Ueno Park in 1926. At that time, amid growing public opinion that a public museum of art was necessary for Japan as a symbol of culture, the industrialist Keitaro Sato, based 1000km away from Tokyo in what is now Fukuoka Prefecture, donated a sum equivalent in today's money to 4 billion yen to the predecessor of the present Tokyo Prefecture, and Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum was built.

Since the museum opened, it has gone through many changes, including various renovations and changes in content, before arriving at its current form. It now has five floors – two above ground and three below – on each of which are a number of galleries and exhibition rooms. In addition, there are cafes and restaurants where you can take a break in between your enjoyment of the artworks, a museum shop where you can buy Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum branded goods, and a museum library where you can learn more about artists and exhibitions. All in all, it's a great place to spend a whole day really getting into art. As you would expect, you can see works from already-established artists, but there are also events sponsored by private organizations and art schools. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is a place that supports the emergence of new artists.

How about spending a day experiencing the Fall of Art at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum? If you want to know more about the Museum, click on the link below!

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