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Enjoy the autumn flavor of chestnuts at WAGURI-ya!



2021.09.30 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

Are you a fan of chestnuts? I sure am! They're reaching peak season in Japan this late September. The ones produced in Japan are larger and less sweet than those often eaten in the West. Chestnuts actually have a long history in Japan. Carbonized chestnuts have been excavated from Stone Age ruins dating back 9,000 years ago. Because of this, many believe that Japan has been cultivating chestnuts in a primitive form since the Stone Age. In 10th century Japan, although rice was usually paid as tax to the capital, some chestnut production areas were designated to pay chestnuts instead. As you may have guessed, chestnuts have been a familiar food to the Japanese since ancient times.

Taito City is home to Japan's only Japanese chestnut specialty store WAGURI-ya, which offers different ways to enjoy chestnuts. You can enjoy the simple taste of roasted chestnuts, savor them as chestnut rice, or indulge in various sweets made from them. Among the sweets, the Mont Blanc is a best-seller. The Mont Blanc is only available for eat-in and not take-out. This is to ensure the customer enjoys its freshly squeezed cream and chestnut flavor to its fullest.

WAGURI-ya is very particular about its chestnuts. It even has its own farm that grows over 1,000 chestnuts trees, cultivating only varieties suitable for Mont Blanc and other chestnut confections. WAGURI-ya also purchases chestnuts from other farms, but including those chestnuts, WAGURI-ya use the raw ingredients from producers who don't use food additives. This ensures the products make the most of the ingredients' original flavor.

Relish in the delicate taste of Japanese chestnuts at WAGURI-ya! Visit the link below for more info!

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