Taking A Break at Kayaba Coffee



2021.08.26 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

Greetings everyone. How are you coping with the hot summer this year? This time, I would like to introduce a lovely retro coffee shop in Yanaka (Taito City) where you can take a break when you head outdoors this summer.

"Kayaba Coffee", my recommendation today, is located at the entrance to the Yanaka neighborhood. The building that houses Kayaba Coffee is a classic townhouse constructed in (approximately) 1916. Kayaba Coffee was founded at this townhouse in 1938. The name "Kayaba" comes from the founder's family name "Kayaba". In 2006, the founder's stepdaughter, who was the store owner at the time, passed away and the store was closed for some time before reopening in 2009 thanks to the help of the people in the neighborhood who had grown attached to the coffee shop.

While the townhouse of Kayaba Coffee has been renovated, it retains the facade and the beams of the original building. Additionally, the original signboards and tableware have also been preserved while the 2nd floor is made up of Japanese-style rooms with tatami floors, allowing you to enjoy a truly traditional Japanese coffee store experience. At Kayaba Coffee, they serve the original menu served since its opening, such as "Egg Sandwiches" with freshly cooked eggs and a drink called "Lucian" made with coffee and cocoa. In addition to traditional items, they have also added more modern menu items such as shaved ice every year in summer and "Today's Cake".

Why don’t you visit Kayaba Coffee, which retains the classic retro Japanese coffee shop vibe while also keeping up with the times? Check out Kayaba Coffee's official Instagram account here!

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