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Get festive at the Asakusa Nishisando Shopping Street!



2021.08.19 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

Summer festivals are held all over Japan every summer. Most festivals see the streets lined with stalls and crowded with people. Two of the most popular stalls offer "goldfish scooping," where you scoop goldfish with a small tool made with a round, handled frame that is covered with thin paper, and "target shooting," where you shoot targets and prizes with a toy gun. Countless summer festivals have been canceled over the past few years due to the COVID-19, and many have not been able to go to any summer festivals for a long time. But if you go to the Asakusa Nishisando Shopping Street in Taito City, you can enjoy a festive atmosphere any time.

The Asakusa Nishisando Shopping street is often called the ‘Omatsuri’ ("festival") Shopping Street, Nishisando. It is a shopping area with a Japanese festival theme. Its road surface is made with ‘hinoki’ (Japanese cypress), which gives a warm and welcoming feel to its a wide variety of stores. It has goldfish scooping and target shooting, as well as stores where you can buy festival costumes such as ‘hanten’ short coat and ‘jinbei’ matching cloth. It also has the “Omatsuri Plaza”, where you can find information on festivals all over Japan. The Asakusa Nishisando Shopping Street is a lively shopping area where you can see, experience, and enjoy Japanese festival culture. Many summer festivals are canceled when it rains, but the Asakusa Nishisando Shopping Street also houses an arcade, so you can enjoy the festival to your heart's content regardless of the weather.

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