Hydrangea viewing picnic at Shinobazu Pond



2021.06.10 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

June is a month with many rainy days in Japan, but it is also a wonderful season for viewing hydrangea flowers. Some of you may want to take advantage of the days with sunny weather to take a walk outside while enjoying these beautiful flowers. Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park, Taito City, is the perfect spot for doing this.

With a long history dating back to the Meiji era, Ueno Park is a large park with many cultural facilities. Shinobazu Pond is located on the west side of the park. Many hydrangeas have been planted around Shinobazu Pond, and the best time of the year to catch them in full bloom is around the end of June. In addition to hydrangeas, you will also find lotus flowers floating in the pond in July and cherry blossoms around the pond in spring, making Shinobazu Pond a wonderful spot for enjoying many different plants in different seasons.

While you can simply take a stroll around the pond to enjoy the hydrangeas, another option is to ride a boat at Shinobazu Pond. Three types of boats are available: rowboats that you can row with oars, cycle-boats that can be propelled by rowing them with your feet, and swan boats that are shaped like swans. The operating hours are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM in June, with the last boat tickets issued at 4:50 PM. Don't miss the magnificent view of Shinobazu Pond adorned by the blooming hydrangeas from the boat.

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