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Shaved ice at Himitsu-do to get you through the summer!



2021.06.03 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

It's June, and it's getting hot and humid. It's that time of year when you start to crave cold desserts. I'd like to introduce you to Himitsu-do, a shaved ice specialty store located near the Yanaka Ginza shopping district.

Shaved ice is a dessert made of finely shaved ice with syrup and other ingredients, and has been eaten in Japan for about 1,000 years. Himitsu-do is a store specializing in shaved ice, and the shaved ice is filled with the owner's expertise. The sauces used are additive-free and handmade, and preserve the flavor of the freshness of the seasonal ingredients. They have used all natural ice since their opening in 2011, and it is all shaved by hand to ensure that the ice matches the temperature and humidity. The menu is astonishing diverse. They offer 132 different types of ice available for summer, spring, autumn, and winter. Options include “Matcha Tiramisu” shaved ice, “Melon-zanmai” shaved ice topped with melon syrup with a slice of fresh melon, and “Strawberry Cream Cheese” shaved ice with lots of cream cheese.

The shaved ice at Himitsu-do is one of a kind. We hope you will try it for yourself. Due to the popularity of the store, number tickets that are distributed upon its opening are required to enter. For more information about the number tickets and the day's menu, please check out the official Himitsu-do Twitter!

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