Enjoy hot miso soup on a cold day



2021.01.14 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

Today's post is perfect for such a cold day. I'd like to introduce you to MISOJYU, a specialist miso soup restaurant in Asakusa, where you can enjoy a wide variety of unique hot miso soups.

Miso soup is a Japanese style soup made by adding vegetables, tofu, bran, seafood and other ingredients to a broth seasoned with miso. It is often served at breakfast or dinner in Japanese homes, and if you go to a Japanese restaurant and order a set meal, it will probably come with it in many cases. In most cases, miso soup is not a main dish, but rather a simple side dish with few ingredients.

MISOJYU is a restaurant that serves miso soup as its main dish, so it makes miso soup with many delicious ingredients. Miso soup with various mushrooms, pork soup with vegetables and pork cubes, miso potage soup with soy milk and scallops.... As this is a specialist miso soup specialty restaurant, they have a wide variety of miso soup. They also sell onigiri (rice balls), so if you eat them as a set you can have a well-balanced and filling meal.

Another feature of MISOJYU is that they are particular about the ingredients they use. They insist on using organic vegetables, soup stock made from carefully selected bonito flakes and kelp, and an original brand of miso.

On a cold day, why not try MISOJYU for a delicious miso soup that will soothe your body?

Address: 1-7-5, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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