Taito City Circular Route Bus “Megurin”



2020.10.29 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

When traveling in Japan, what kinds of things bother you?
One thing that often bothers people about travel in Japan is the cost of transportation. Tourism is expensive enough as it is, so it makes sense to want to keep spending aside from experiences and souvenirs as low as possible.
Today, I want to introduce a way you can travel within Taito Ward for only ¥100!
Allow me to introduce Megurin, the Taito City Circular Route Bus.

The fare for Megurin buses is only ¥100 yen for both adults and children. There are five routes: the North Route (via Asakusa), the North Route (via Negishi), the South Route, the East-West Route, and the North-South Route.
As you can tell from the names, each route covers a specific area.
Together, they cover a wide area of Taito Ward bordered by Minowa in the north, Asakusabashi in the south, Asakusa in the east, and Yanaka in the west.

One advantage buses have over subways is that they let you enjoy the scenery as you travel.
If an interesting shop or location catches your eye, you can always get off at the nearest stop.
Taito Ward is full of charming spots, but walking around for long periods can be tiring. Why not combine your walks in the city with rides on Megurin buses?
That way, you can enjoy even more of Taito Ward. It might also be fun to look at the bus route map and make a list of places to visit.

Here is some more good news: Megurin buses offer Taito Free Wi-Fi!
Travelers are always happy to have free Wi-Fi.
How about taking a ride on a Megurin bus and exploring every nook and cranny that Taito Ward has to offer?

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