Footbath Café in Ueno



2020.09.10 (Thu)

By Charlotte, long-term Tokyo resident & history-loving traveler

Many people probably know Japan to be famous for its hot springs. If you think you need to travel to a distant hot spring location from the capital, Tokyo, there is actually a place where you can experience footbath in Ueno, Tokyo. Here is the information.

Footbath Café “Mominoki House Momino-yu”

Like the name suggests, the Footbath Café “Mominoki House Momino-yu” is a café where you can enjoy footbath. After you take off your shoes and clean your feet, you sit on a counter seat to fully enjoy the footbath which is installed underneath the table. They have many kings of herb tea, from which you can choose which one to drink. There are spicy types of herbal tea that use ginger or cinnamon, as well as easy to drink herb tea like Sri Lanka tea. Also, while you are sitting on the counter seat you can get a massage on your back or shoulders.
Lay against a pillow and heal any fatigue you accumulated. When I visited the last time, I enjoyed the 1,000 yen set that includes footbath (45 mins), herb tea, and massage. I was able to warm my whole body: footbath warmed my toes, herb tea warmed the inside of my body, and massage warmed my body from the core.

On the second floor, there is a massage space where you can receive authentic Ayurveda oil massage. If some parts of your body are having some trouble, it might be useful to get the Ayurveda massage.

Although Tokyo still feels hot now, the fall season will come soon. Footbath Café is perfect for the season when it starts to get chilly. Please consider visiting here among other places the next time you visit Ueno. Mominoki House Momino-yu is about 30 seconds on foot from Ueno-Hirokoji Station, Ginza Line, and about three minutes from JR Okachimachi Station. At the entrance, there is a brown shop curtain (暖簾, a traditional Japanese cloth that hangs in front of rooms and buildings that has a number of vertical slits), which says Momino-yu in Japanese on it. When you find it, that’s where Mominoki House Momino-yu is.

Address: 4-5-2, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Please check in advance for business hours and holidays if you want to visit it.

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