Tokyo life & travel now - August 2020



2020.08.06 (Thu)

After a month of rain and gray skies in July, August has arrived in Tokyo with its heavy summer heat. Usually, this would be the season for summer festivals and summer fireworks, but many events have been canceled or postponed this year.

Japan is trying to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government gives daily updates on the situation in the city.

Many facilities are open again now and are operating with special care. People are being asked to wear masks when out in public - and masks are available again in stores and online. Many shops regulate the number of customers who can come in at one time and have guidelines for social distancing, such as leaving extra space when waiting in line. Shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, and restaurants have disinfectant for cleaning your hands ready.

International travel into Japan still is restricted. Domestic travel is allowed, but people are asked to be careful to protect themselves and others.

If you are already in Japan, the best idea might be to consider staying close to home. Often we overlook the things that are within easy reach. Staying away from the most popular and crowded spots is an opportunity to explore something new or revisit a place we have not been to for a while. But please remember to take precautions also against the heat when you are outside this summer.

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