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5 blogs from Tokyo about Japan travel and life



2020.05.28 (Thu)

Read up on where to go and what to do in Japan’s capital and beyond

By David, long-term Tokyo resident & food-loving traveler

There are many good blogs about Japan. Here are a five that have been running for years and do a great job introducing traveling, living in, understanding, and exploring Japan.

See Tokyo in pics

“Tokyo in pics” is just what its name suggests, a great collection of photos and posts from Japan’s capital. Browse the pictures and read the blog posts for insights about living in and photographing Tokyo. “Tokyo in pics” is the blog of Rohan Gillett, a Tokyo photographer from Australia.

Explore Tokyo

“Exploring old Tokyo: Shitamachi and neighbouring areas – The heart of the Japanese Capital” is all about the older parts of the city on the east side of Tokyo. Areas covered include famous districts like Asakusa, Ueno, and Yanaka as well as more small local areas nearby that guidebooks might not cover. Posts are categorized by area. Take a look to find places to explore when you can visit Tokyo yourself. All articles on this blog are written by a long-time Tokyo resident from Belgium.

Explore a different side of Japan

“A different side of Japan: Putting Japan’s many hidden gems on the digital map” is all about exploring Japan. Chief editor is Tokyo based digital marketing and PR maverick Donny Kimball. Take a look at the site for travel tips, area guides, and a collection of hidden gems to explore. The blog covers destinations all over Japan, including Tokyo.

Explore Japan’s mountains and hiking trails

“Ridgeline Images” is a great blog to read if you are interested in seeing more than Tokyo itself. David Lowe has collected a lot of information about hiking in Japan. Other posts are about sightseeing and exploring outdoor ruins. Read to find out about places to visit, hiking tips, and what gear to bring.

Learn more about Japan

“Jigsaw Japan: Putting the pieces together” is the blog of Vicki L. Beyer, an American-Australian with nearly 30 years of experience studying and working in Japan. This blog is about life and travel in Japan as well as Japanese culture, customs, and events. Posts are categorized by area, from Tokyo to all regions of Japan. Browse to learn more about Japan while you collect travel info.

More about Tokyo and Japan

The blogs above are all written in English, but there is much more content available in other languages. Try a search for blogs in your own language. “WanderWeib: Japan-Reise Blog” for example has lots of Japan travel tips in German - Or search for what interests you specifically, including on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. You are sure to find something, there are blogs about all things Japan from cooking to anime and wearing kimono. Use the time before you travel to dive into Japan online.

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