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Tokyo travel planning - where to stay and what to do



2020.04.30 (Thu)

By David, long-term Tokyo resident & food-loving traveler

It feels like travel is a thing of the past at the moment. Everyone in Japan is supposed to stay home to slow down the spread of coronavirus. International travel and travel in Japan is off for now. But still, we can dream. And plan ahead.

For a look into Tokyo from afar, we have collected a list of 10 useful sites for planning a (rescheduled) trip to Tokyo Take a look at Japan travel and Tokyo information in English, including articles about food, culture, and life in the city.

Study a little bit about the city and its districts ahead of booking accommodation. Tokyo does not have one city center like you might find in European cities. Tokyo is a collection of neighborhoods, all with their own character and attractions. Three different fun districts to stay in are Asakusa, Ueno, and Yanaka. Read more about these popular areas in Tokyo in the following articles:

Where to stay in Tokyo - Asakusa

“Asakusa is the district around Asakusa Shrine and Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest temple. You have probably seen pictures of its iconic red Kaminarimon Gate with its big lantern. It is one of the most photographed places in Japan.”

Where to stay in Tokyo - Ueno

“Ueno is conveniently located as a base for exploring the city and has a range of accommodation, including hotels, hostels, and Japanese-style ryokan. Around Ueno Station and Ueno Park you have excellent museums, great shopping, and hundreds of restaurants and cafes.”

Where to stay in Tokyo – Yanaka

“This old town neighborhood is one of Tokyo’s hidden gems. Yanaka, small streets, craft shops, little cafes, and local restaurants set in a slice of old Tokyo. Yanaka is a historic neighborhood of Tokyo without skyscrapers and neon lights. Japanese visitors love Yanaka for its retro style.”

Tokyo is a dream destination for foodies. It is the main hub for Japan travel. And a fascinating city that constantly reinvents itself. Old and traditional coexists with the new and futuristic. If you want to feel like you are already here, pick up a book or watch a movie set in Tokyo. A quick search will give you lots of suggestions. Maybe you will find more travel inspiration.

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