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Tokyo travel for photographers: Asakusa photo spots



2020.03.12 (Thu)

Early in the morning and late in the evening you can shoot some of the best scenes here

By David, long-term Tokyo resident & food-loving traveler

Tokyo is an excellent destination for photographers. Traditional structures, futuristic architecture, quirky shops, delicious food, and endless surprising details wait to be found. Asakusa is one of the most popular and famous Tokyo destinations and a great place to go on a photo walk.

Here is a short list of Asakusa photo locations. Use it as a starting point to explore this old Tokyo neighborhood. There is much more here to shoot than just the iconic Kaminarimon Gate.

Senso-ji Temple & Asakusa Shrine

Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest temple, is located at the heart of Asakusa. Next to its Main Hall is Asakusa Shrine. The temple grounds are open 24 hours and access is free. During the day it gets crowded, but in the morning and the evening, there are usually only a few people here. After dark, the temple buildings are illuminated. Senso-ji’s website

includes a good overview of its buildings. Most visitors only take a picture of Kaminarimon Gate and its big red lantern. But there is so much more to see here. (This week the lantern was taken down for maintenance and Kaminarimon Gate now frames a view of Nakamise Street and its many shops. When the lantern's frame and structure are repaired, it will be put back in April.

Views & landmarks

The Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center is located opposite Kaminarimon Gate. Go up to the terrace on the top floor for views of the Senso-ji Temple grounds, the Asakusa neighborhood, Sumida River, and landmarks like Tokyo Skytree and the Asahi Brewery Headquarters. The cafe on the same floor overlooks For another view of the neighborhood, go to the top floor of the Asakusa EKIMISE department store. It has a rooftop terrace with similarly good views. For different angles, visit Sumida Park and walk along the Sumida River. There are many spots with great views that include Tokyo Skytree. In the evening, Tokyo Skytree is illuminated. Every day the tower glows and glitters with different color schemes.

Shops & streets

Nakamise Street is lined with shops and if you visit before or after they open, you can see their painted shop shutters. Many shops in the streets near the temple grounds also have painted shutters and doors. The shutters are not simple shop signs but have traditional scenes from legends, festivals, and kabuki theater. For a different atmosphere, check out the bars on Hoppy-dori. And in the small streets behind the Senso-ji Main Hall across Kototoi-dori, there are many small pubs and cafes. After dark, their shop signs light up the narrow streets.

The best is to keep your eyes open and explore the different local streets. If you get tired, there are many restaurants, ramen shops, cafes, and bars in Asakusa that serve delicious food and drinks (another topic). Click the link below to read this related article you might like: Breakfast & brunch in Asakusa

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