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When you get sick in Japan and require medical care in Japan



2020.01.30 (Thu)

Travel advice for when you are feeling ill

The new form of coronavirus that is now spreading has also been confirmed in Japan.

Please take good care of yourself and enjoy your visit to Japan.

Here is some information for when you feel sick during your trip. In case of emergency, there are call centers and useful websites that inform about how to receive medical care in Japan. You can also check for medical institutions that provide services in languages other than Japanese.

Japan National Tourism Organization website: “For safe travels in Japan - Guide for when you are feeling ill”
Multilingual Visitor Hotline (24H) on new coronavirus.

Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center: TEL: 03-5285-8181 (available in English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Spanish)

Also, here is some Japanese that you can use to communicate at hospitals and drug stores when you are not feeling well. If you feel sick, please try to explain your symptoms.

I am not feeling well: Gu-ai ga warui desu.

My head hurts: Atama ga itai desu.

It hurts here: Koko ga itai desu.

I have a fever: Netsu ga arimasu.

I have a chill: Samuke ga shimasu.

I think I have a cold: Kaze wo hiita yo desu.

I have a runny nose: Hanamizu ga demasu.

I have a soar throat: Nodo ga itai desu.

I have a cough: Seki ga demasu.

I have no appetite: Shokuyoku ga arimasen.

I feel nauseous: Hakike ga shimasu.

I feel dizzy: Memai ga shimasu.

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