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Japan souvenirs - Shopping for Japanese tableware and knives in Tokyo


2019.05.23 (Thu)

Kappabashi Street is the best place to shop for ceramic, wood, and glass wares in Tokyo. Every shop on this street is a speciality store offering a selection of items for preparing, cooking, presenting, and serving food. The best way to shop here is to browse the lineup of the different shops. They have every utensil and you might want to use in your kitchen.

Take a few items back home that will remind you of your time in Japan. Japanese pottery and tableware can add a touch of Japan to your dining table. With a few select bowls, plates, sake cups, and chopsticks you could make everything you serve look like you are back in a restaurant in Japan.

Select something that matches your style. There are plenty of designs to choose from, you can find classic, modern, minimalist, intricately decorated, and fun children’s things. Bento boxes for example come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy them made from metal, plastic, wood, or even lacquerware. Some of them are cute sets, for example looking like ninja, samurai, or dolls when stacked. Other lunch boxes have special functions, like holding triangular rice balls together or keeping your soup warm. Some bento boxes also come with their own bag. These are fun gifts.

If you like to cook or are friends with someone who does, pick up some high-quality cooking utensils and chef knives. Chef knives made in Japan widely range in price, depending on the maker and series. The staff of the shops can help you choose and explain the different uses of all the knives like slicing sashimi, chopping vegetables, cutting soba noodles. Several stores can also engrave knives and chopsticks for you, making them an extra special personalized gift. Shops here are for professional chefs and restaurateurs. So you can be sure to find high quality items made with great craftsmanship.

And if you want to add a different kind of touch to your home, get some fake food samples like the ones that many restaurants use to show their menu. There are even workshops offered where you can make your own fake foods that look like real pieces of sushi or a bowl full of hot ramen noodles.

Enjoy shopping in Kappabashi. There are a few cafes and bars between the other shops where you can take a break and get inspiration for how to display your food and drinks.

Access: Kappabashi Street is located between Ueno and Asakusa in Tokyo’s Taito Ward. The closest stations are Tawaramachi on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Iriya on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. In 10-15 minutes you can also walk to Kappabashi from Asakusa or Ueno.

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