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See the Winter Peonies at Ueno Toshogu Shrine


2019.01.17 (Thu)

Peonies are called “Botan” in Japanese. The big flowers come in many shades, vibrant colors and cool pastels. Botan are believed to be symbols of beauty, wealth, and fortune. Their beauty and significance has inspired Japanese art and design. You can find the big flowers in paintings and on traditional textiles.

At the Peony Garden you can see the real flowers. They are now in full bloom and look gorgeous. The peonies in the exhibition that you can see now flower in the winter. These winter peonies or “fuyu-botan” are made to flower early for the New Year as a symbol of good fortune.

Winter Peony exhibition at the Peony Garden of Ueno Toshogu Shrine

January 1 to February 24, 2019

Entrance into the garden from 9:30 to 16:30

Admission fee: 700 yen for the garden, 1100 yen for the garden and the shrine

Ueno Toshogu Shrine was built in the 17th century and has survived earthquakes and wars. It was built in the memory of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first Tokugawa Shogun ruling Japan. The time of the Shogun rule is called the Edo Period in Japanese history. Edo is the old name of Tokyo and this shrine is one of the few buildings that have remained from the period.

The shrine is not only of historic importance but also an exceptional example of the old architectural style called gongen-zukuri that gives an insight into the Edo times. You can see it in the shrine's intricate structure and heavily decorated style. The golden Toshogu Shine is one of the most impressive structures in the city from Edo times.

Come to Ueno and enjoy the beautiful flowers and architecture.

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