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  • After a long hot summer, autumn is coming to Tokyo.

After a long hot summer, autumn is coming to Tokyo.


2018.10.04 (Thu)

The season is not only welcomed because oft the cooler temperatures it brings but also for its colors and tastes.

Now is the season for chrysanthemums, called kiku in Japanese. The flowers come in a wide variety of colors and varieties. The Japanese Imperial crest is a chrysanthemum flower and Japanese passports have a stylized chrysanthemum on the cover. This autumn flowers is celebrated in festivals, exhibitions, and design.

Keep an eye out for flower displays at parks and temples. We already spotted a display of small chrysanthemums in many different colors at Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa. Check the local event calendars as chrysanthemum exhibitions will be held throughout the city this season.

Yanaka Kiku Matsuri at Daien-ji Temple

October 6 and 7, 2018, nearest stations are Sendagi on Tokyo Metro and JR Nippori.

Displaying chrysanthemums has a long history in the Yanaka area. Go to Daien-ji Temple to see dolls made from the flowers. You can also buy small potted chrysanthemums. Take a walk through the neighborhood of Daien-ji Temple when you visit.

Yanaka is a very traditional part of Tokyo where old houses and business have survived natural disasters, destruction, and urban development. In autumn, many shops will sell things connected to chrysanthemums. The flowers are used in the design of paper and textiles and some traditional Japanese wagashi sweets are made to look like buds and flowers.

In November, the leaves of the trees will turn red and gold, but now is the time to enjoy the autumn flowers.

Also taking place this weekend:

Kappabashi Dougu Matsuri in Kappabashi, Tokyo´s Kitchen Town

Read more here

Kappabashi is famous for selling kitchen tools and utensils. If you want to make Japanese sweets at home you can stock up on everything needed to make them at the shops here.

You could buy the tools to make your own cookies and sweets shaped like flowers here. Several shops have a good selection of baking tools, cookie cutters, and molds for sweets, cakes, and chocolates.

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