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Summer in Asakusa - visit some fun local shops


2018.06.14 (Thu)

Tokyo Metro’s Ginza Line between Asakusa and Ueno was the first subway built in Japan. And in a new commercial Tokyo Metro released this spring, the subway is inviting us to visit Asakusa. Maybe you have seen the short “Find my Tokyo” video playing on the trains. Here are some of the fun things featured in it that you can try for yourself when you come to this old part of Tokyo.

Start at Asakusa Station. Walk through the busy Nakamise Street of Senso-ji Temple and try some of the local sweets and snacks sold like Ningyo-yaki and Agemanju on your way. Turn left at the Main Hall and go around the cute Hanayashiki Amusement Park towards Kototoi-dori Street. On a small street here you can find Kawara Smash.

Kawara means roof tile, so guess what you can do at Kawara Smash. This place lets you break tiles with your fists. See how many tiles you can break and feel like your favorite martial arts hero or anime character. Take a video of yourself as you throw your best punch. Usually Kawara Smash is open on weekends.

Then go to Nishisando Street and check out Asakusa Kingyo. Kingyo is Japanese for goldfish and it is the theme of this fun shop. You can play Kingyo-sukui here, a game that is usually found at summer festivals. Try to scoop up goldfish from the basin without breaking the thing paper net on the scoop. You can also buy lots of cute things with a goldfish design like earrings and coin purses.

Refresh with some sweets at one of the Nishisando Street shops before you walk over to Sumida River and Imado Shrine. Here you can find Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin, the workshop of a master candy maker. Amezaiku is a traditional craft that results in the most amazing candy art. Many pieces are skillfully shaped like animals. The candy goldfish created here are beautiful enough to swim in the ponds of the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

On the way back to Asakusa Station walk through Sumida Park along Sumida River. From here you have an excellent view of Tokyo Skytree.

Have fun exploring Asakusa. If you want to make your trip extra special, rent a yukata and dress up in this traditional summer kimono while you are here. It is great for taking special pictures.

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