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This weekend you can experience the annual festival of Torikoe Shrine


2018.06.07 (Thu)

Torikoe Shrine Festival June 9-10, 2018

Torikoe Shrine has a long history going back to the 7th century. On Saturday the local neighborhood associations will carry their mikoshi (portable shrines) through the streets. The shrine’s main Senkan Mikoshi is carried through the streets in a beautiful parade on Sunday. And this needs a lot of people working together. With about 4 tons Torikoe Shrine’s Senkan Mikoshi is the heaviest mikoshi in Tokyo.

After passing through each neighborhood, the big mikoshi will return to Torikoe Shrine in the evening. This is known as the Torikoe Night Festival. Paper lanterns are put on the big mikoshi and around it the lanterns of the participating neighborhoods are carried on long poles. It is beautiful to see and the soft lights create a special atmosphere. Come experience it for yourself.

You can also see pictures and updates from Torikoe Shrine on Facebook @torikoej.

It will get crowded in the evening. Tens of thousands of people come each year to see this festival. So come early, take a look around Kuramae, and try some festival foods.

Near Torikoe Shrine vendors will put up their stalls and sell yummy festival foods. Some typical street foods are grilled fish and squid, takoyaki with octopus, okonomiyaki, yakitori skewers, and yakisoba stir-fry noodles. If you like sweets cool down with kakigori shaved ice and try small baby castella cakes, choco bananas, and taiyaki with a red bean or custard filling. It is great fun to see the foods being prepared and try everything.

The Kuramae district is located close to Sumida River. You can easily combine a visit here with a trip to Asakusa and Senso-ji Temple. Or explore the Asakusabashi area on the other side. Kuramae has many small restaurants, cafés, and bars where you can escape the crowds for a while.


Take the subway to Kuramae Station on the Toei Asakusa or Oedo Line. Kuramae is the area between Asakusa and Asakusabashi. Torikoe Shrine is located on Kuramae-bashi Street.

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