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Take your cooking to a new level in Kappabashi Kitchen Town


2018.05.31 (Thu)

Take your cooking to a new level in Kappabashi Kitchen Town

You could easily upgrade every utensil that you use at the shops here.

Kappabashi Street is often called Kitchen Town, but shops here actually sell everything needed to open a restaurant or café. In addition to kitchen implements and hardware you can find signs, lanterns, chairs, packaging containers, decorations, and the fake food samples that many Japanese restaurants use to display the dishes they serve.

Treat yourself to Japanese knives

This is where to get that good sharp knife that every chef needs. Japanese knives have specific shapes and blades depending on their purpose. The most versatile is a “deba-bocho”, fish slicers are called “sashimi-bocho”. Other knives are shaped for slicing and chopping vegetables. There are different versions of each, both in size and style. Some shops offer to engrave knives or sharpen old ones.

Use Japanese utensils

Try working with some traditional utensils. With a rectangular omelette pan and a bamboo mat you can shape a perfect Japanese rolled omelette. If you like grilled fish or tempura get a grater for daikon radish. Finer graters are for wasabi and ginger. Other helpful tools that fit even in the smallest suitcase are long cooking chopsticks and Shamoji rice paddles formed like a flat serving spoon. Many shops can arrange shipping. So nothing is stopping you from buying bigger items like the huge bowls and long rolling pins used to make Soba noodles.

Present your food like a pro

Complement your tableware with a few Japanese chopsticks and small condiment dishes. Or buy a full set of dishes used to present the type of food that you like to serve, for example deep noodle bowls for Ramen or bamboo noodle baskets and dipping sauce cups for Soba noodles. Grilled fish is often served on long rectangular plates. You can also find bento lunch boxes and cute designs for kids.

Take your time to browse the shops here. You are sure to find something.

Access & Opening Hours

Kappabashi Street is located between Ueno and Asakusa in Taito. Most shops are open between 9:00 and 17:00 on weekdays and Saturdays. Some shops are open on Sundays. The closest stations are Inaricho and Tawaramachi on the Ginza Subway Line.

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