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Visit Asakusa’s Kannon-ura area this weekend


2018.05.24 (Thu)

The first O-Fuji-san no Ueki-Ichi market of 2018 takes place this Saturday and Sunday

This cute market for potted plants and flowers is a local summer tradition. Vendors set up their stalls in the streets around Sengen Shrine. This shrine is also called “O-Fuji-san” and the market takes it name from it.

You can buy summer flowers like Asagao (morning glory) and hibiscus, small bonsai trees, and also herbs and small shrubs. Most people’s gardens in Tokyo are their balconies and windowsills, or a few pots along the side of their house. Nonetheless some people manage to grow vegetables and herbs. Goya for example are planted as a living shade against the summer heat, forming a green curtain as the shoots climb up nets and lattices.

The market sets up in the Asakusa Kannon-ura neighborhood. It lies behind Senso-ji Temple, which is also called Asakusa Kannon. Walking up from Asakusa Station, go through the temple grounds and continue on to Kototoi-dori Street behind it. Kannon-ura lies on the other side of it, the name literally means “in the back of Kannon”.

Asakusa Kannon-ura

This area is not as quiet and residential as it might look at first glance. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes here and in the evening the small streets are illuminated by shop signs and lanterns.

Many restaurants specialize in serving just one type of cuisine, like sushi, gyoza, soba noodles, or eel. Some places here are tiny, but there are also very elegant classic Japanese restaurants. There are even Geisha in this part of Asakusa.

Want something sweet? Go to one of the local cafes or take a look at the shops on Kototoi-dori Street behind the Senso-ji Temple grounds. There is a shop selling Daigaku-imo (bits of sweet potato coated with caramel), a small artisan bakery making Japanese chiffon cake, and a store famous for its intensely flavored matcha ice cream.

2018 O-Fuji-san no Ueki-Ichi Market near Sengen Shrine

The market takes place one weekend in May and one weekend in June:
Saturday, May 26 & Sunday, May 27, 2018
Saturday, June 30 & Sunday, July 1, 2018

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