Campion Ale


2018.04.19 (Thu)


Located in Asakusa, just a short walk from the popular tourist areas of Sensouji temple and Kappabashi kitchenware shopping street, Campion Ale is a great authentic British Pub. Although hiding away on a back street, it is well worth taking the effort to find it. The unique thing about Campion Ale is that all the beers are brewed on the premises. They offer various kinds of authentic British style Ales on tap , such as Bitter, Golden, Red and Porter. The food menu is fairly simple, but also very authentic British fare, including shepherd's pie, meat pies and beef stew.

If you are out and about exploring downtown Tokyo, near Sky Tree or Asakusa, then it is well worth it to make your way over to Campion Ale. It's a great place for a quiet drink while enjoying the atmosphere, to take a quick break from Tokyo's hustle and bustle.

It's easy to find, right on street level and brightly lit at night. If you're around the Asakusa area and you fancy an actually tasty beer instead of the usual Kirin and Asahi, this is by far your best choice. It would be great if we had more authentic places like this around Tokyo.

Written by Andrew

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