Ameyoko Market in Ueno



2018.04.26 (Thu)

Ameyoko Market is a busy street filled with over 400 shops. The area is usually full of people, bustling, loud, fun, and vibrant.

It gets especially busy at the end of the year, when Japanese people come here to shop for the ingredients used to prepare traditional Japanese New Year foods.

Ameyoko can be translated as Candy Alley. Traditionally candy was sold here and you can still find shops with a big selection of sweets and chocolates. But the market now offers a lot more. You can buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics, sweets, and many food items. Some shops offer Japanese products like green tea and fresh seafood, while others specialize imported ones like cooking supplies and foods from other Asian countries. Many shops here are known for their relatively cheap prices.

The Ameyoko street is easy to find. It runs along the elevated train tracks of the JR Yamanote line between Ueno Station and Okachimachi station. A sign with アメ横(Ameyoko) written in big red letters marks the beginning of Ameyoko Market. The market also spills over into the surrounding streets where there are more stores, bars, and restaurants.

No need to eat before you come here. Many places offer popular Japanese foods. You can drink Japanese sake and beer and eat fresh seafood at a food stall. You can find sushi, grilled oysters, deep-fried seafood and meats, but also sweets and ice cream. If you want to eat something spicy, you could go to one of the popular places selling Kebab. Or go to one of the Chinese food stalls for a hot and spicy soup.

There are also many izakaya bars and restaurants in this area if you prefer to sit down for a while. At the entrance of seafood izakaya you can see the fresh clams and fish that are served.

And if you like to cook, you can get all kinds of fresh and dried ingredients here. A great variety of meats, fish, seaweed, fruit, and spices are sold and many shops discount their products at the end of the day. In the basement of the Ameyoko Central Building there are shops selling ingredients from other Asian countries that you cannot find at a regular Japanese supermarket.

You can access Ameyoko Market from the Ueno Station or the Okachimachi Station side. Opening hours vary depending on individual stores.

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