Japanese cafés in Asakusa



2017.11.23 (Thu)

Asakusa has a great number of cafés.

There are some modern ones, but many are charmingly old-fashioned places. These are the kind of coffee shops called “kissaten”. At the cafés you can not only take a short coffee break but also eat and relax.

For a first sweet snack in Asakusa take a look at the shops of Nakamise Street at Senso-ji Temple. Have some hot deep-fried “agemanju” cakes and freshly baked “ningyoyaki”. Then walk through the streets surrounding the temple grounds. This is a shopping area with many souvenir shops, restaurants, and many cafés.

Some of the local coffee shops have been in business for decades and have a warm retro feel. If you enjoy a slowly brewed cup of coffee and a relaxed atmosphere, a traditional Japanese kissaten is the best place for a coffee break. At many places you can order a morning set for breakfast and also eat lunch. Some kissaten also have Japanese style sweets and desserts on the menu.

To find one of the hidden coffee shops, try Shin-Nakamise Street, Orange-dori Street and the smaller streets and both sides of Nakamise Street. Some places are hidden among residential homes or located above other shops. It is fun to go for a walk and check out the different cafés in Asakusa.

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