Hirosaki Neputa Asakusa Matsuri 2017


2017.11.09 (Thu)

A small version of the famous Hirosaki Neputa Festival comes to Asakusa in November.

Hirosaki Neputa Asakusa Matsuri 2017

Saturday, November 18 & Sunday, November 19
Parades starting from 13:00 and 17:00 in the area next to Senso-ji Temple near the Asakusa Nishisando Street

The actual Hirosaki Neputa Festival takes place in the summer in Aomori Prefecture. This is one of the major festivals of northern Japan’s Tohoku region. It features a big parade of illuminated floats showing samurai warrior figures, birds, beasts, and fan-shaped samurai paintings. The glowing floats are illuminated from within like huge lanterns. They are accompanied by traditional music played on flutes and drums.

Asakusa Nishisando Street

Asakusa Nishisando is a shopping arcade located on the western side of Senso-ji Temple. Come here to shops for Japanese items and sweet and savory snacks. The arcade is decorated with scenes from Japanese “matsuri” (festivals). Several shops here specialize in traditional Japanese clothing, including kimono for men and women, outfits worn at festivals, stage costumes, and accessories.

There are Japanese restaurants and cafés in Nishisando. You can eat Japanese noodles here, including Hokkaido style ramen and halal ramen. There are also shops selling baked goods and sweets. Try the “melon pan”, it is very popular in Japan. On the corner towards Senso-ji Temple you can find a shop that specializes in big melon pan.

Please note that while most shops in the Asakusa area are usually open on weekends and holidays many close for a day during the week instead. On Wednesdays and Thursdays you might find some of the shops closed.

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