Autumn visit to Ueno



2017.10.19 (Thu)

Visit Ueno Park and the Garden of the Tokyo National Museum

Ueno Park is a great place to visit for a walk on a warm autumn day. You can ride a boat on Shinobazu Pond, see several temples and shrines, and visit some of Japan's biggest and best Museums. The park and the museums inside it are all located within walking distance from Ueno Station.

Tokyo National Museum

The oldest national museum in Japan has a great collection of art works that allow you to gain an insight into Japanese culture. The permanent exhibition has kimono, samurai swords and armor, paintings, prints, and sculptures. The current special exhibition is "UNKEI - The Great Master of Buddhist Sculpture", showing works by the most famous Buddhist sculptor of Japan. The exhibition includes masterpieces by Unkai from all over Japan.

UNKEI - The Great Master of Buddhist Sculpture
Heiseikan Special Exhibition Galleries
September 26, 2017 (Tue) - November 26, 2017 (Sun)

Tokyo National Museum Garden

The museum has a beautiful Japanese style garden that is beautiful in spring and autumn. Now it is open to the public to enjoy the seasonal flowers and colored foliage. You can take a walk in the garden and relax with a coffee or tea here. Please note that the garden might be closed in case of bad weather.

Museum Garden Opening
Open October 24, 2017 (Tue) - December 3, 2017 (Sun), 10:00 - 16:00
Free admission with regular museum admission, entrances are located between the Honkan and the Toyokan buildings and between the Honkan and the Heiseikan buildings. For opening hours and details, please see the museum's website

This Japanese garden is usually open only during spring for sakura and in the fall for kouyou, the red leaves. If you are here during this season, don't miss it.

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