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Asakusa Chrysanthemum Exhibition at Senso-ji Temple


2017.10.12 (Thu)

Chrysanthemums are an important flower in Japan. They are at their best in fall and are celebrated with exhibitions every year in parks and other locations throughout the city.

Some shrines and temples also host events and exhibitions of chrysanthemums. In Japanese the flowers are called "kiku". Asakusa Kikkaten, the Asakusa Chrysanthemum Exhibition at Senso-ji Temple is open now until mid November. This is an exhibition of different types of chrysanthemums. Please see the colorful fall flowers.

Several huts have been put up on the temple grounds to protect and show off the beautiful flowers. It is amazing to see the great variety of colors, shapes, and sizes on display. Some chrysanthemum plants have a single huge flower, so big you would have to hold it with both hands. Some of the bigger blooms look like fireworks bursting while others are round domes made of hundreds of flower petals. Other types are shaped to show a specific number of flowers in a round pattern made of three, five, or seven blooms.

Chrysanthemum flowers are associated with the emperor of Japan. In the autumn you can also find Japanese wagashi sweets shaped like chrysanthemums. The flowers are also often depicted on Japanese textiles - you can find kimono, obi belts, furoshiki and tenugui cloths, small crafts and bags decorated with them. Enjoy the fall season in Japan.

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