Kappabashi Dougu Matsuri


2017.09.28 (Thu)

Festival in Tokyo’s Kitchen Town
October 3 to 9, 2017 in Kappabashi Dougu-Gai

This street is famous for selling kitchen tools, utensils, tableware, and cooking knives. Come during the festival week and check out special offers at stores in Kappabashi. Sunday and Monday (a national holiday), the last two days of the festival will be the liveliest.

Japanese kitchen tools and utensils from Kappabashi Dougu-Gai

Shops here cater to everyone from home cooks to professional chefs. You can find made in Japan items and also international brands. Specialized shops sell tools used especially in Japanese cuisine. Here are some things to check out.

Everything ramen

You could outfit a complete ramen shop here with everything from a ticket machine for orders at the entrance to huge pots to prepare broth. If you are looking for something that is a little easier to take home, there are strainers for cooking single servings of ramen noodles to perfection, bowls for serving big portions of hot soup, and glasses for storing condiments.

Japanese sweets making

Also very interesting are the tools made used for making Japanese sweets, such as intricate molds for traditional “wagashi” sweets shaped like plants, leaves, or flowers. There are also cute “kawaii” molds to make jelly and chocolates. And for baking “taiyaki” you can get waffle irons shaped like fish.

Japanese kitchen knives

Go to one of the knive stores to see the different types of knives used in Japanese cooking. Some are for daily cooking and chopping vegetables, others for preparing and slicing fish. At some shops you can have your knife engraved with your name. Staff can also show you how to take care of the tools properly and keep them sharp.


The closest stations are the Tawaramachi and Iriya subway station. It is also possible to walk over to Kappabashi from Asakusa or Ueno.

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