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Senso-ji Temple nighttime illumination and Asakusa lanterns



2017.09.07 (Thu)

During the day, Senso-ji Temple and the Asakusa area are usually full of people. If you have visited during the day, come back for a walk in the evening. It gets quieter and the mood is different. Many restaurants and bars in Asakusa are open for dinner and drinks. So take your time and explore.

Senso-ji Temple looks beautiful in the evening. The evening is a great time to take pictures here. See the main buildings illuminated at night, glowing in red, orange, and gold. The statues and smaller buildings on the temple grounds also look special in the lights. Take a walk from Kaminarimon Gate through the Hozomon Gate to the pagoda and Main Hall.

When it is not too cloudy you can take pictures of Senso-ji Temple with Tokyo Skytree in the background. Tokyo Skytree is illuminated in different colors every day and you can see it from the temple grounds, the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center, Sumida River Park, and the bridges across Sumida River such as Azuma-bashi Bridge. Take a walk through the smaller streets of Asakusa to find a special view of Tokyo Skytree, for example framed by a small street.

Asakusa Lantern Exhibit September 16 to 30, 2017

From September 16 to 30, 2017 you can also see a special exhibition of painted lanterns in Asakusa. This year the lantern festival will be held in Asakusa for the 11th time. You can see many of the lanterns on the temple grounds at Senso-ji Temple. More lanterns will be put up in Hanayashiki-dori Street, Rokku-Broadway Street, and Sushiya-dori Street.

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