A walk through Asakusa Kannon-ura



2017.06.22 (Thu)

From Senso-ji Temple to Sengen Shrine

Asakusa’s Kannon-ura is the area north of Senso-ji Temple. The temple is also called Asakusa Kannon and “ura” means behind. Walk from the Asakusa station through Kaminari-mon Gate and Nakamise-dori Street to the Main Hall of Senso-ji Temple. Continue in the same direction past the right side of the Main Hall to Kototoi-dori Street. The smaller streets on the other side of Kototoi-dori are the Kannon-ura area.

Climb the miniature Mount Fuji and make a wish at Sengen Shrine

Cross Kototoi-dori behind Senso-ji Temple and walk straight to Sengen Shrine. It only takes about 5 minutes. Sengen Shrine has a miniature Mount Fuji or “Fujizuka”. It is believed that climbing the Fujizuka can bring as much good luck and happiness as climbing Mount Fuji, even if it takes only a few steps.

Explore Asakusa Kannon-ura

The Asakusa Kannon-ura area looks residential, but on each street there are bars and restaurants. If you take a walk through the side streets you can find local shops serving Japanese specialties such as soba noodles, gyoza dumplings, or eel. There are also bakeries and cafes. Some places are tiny stores, but there are also elegant “ryotei”, classic Japanese restaurants. You might also see some of the Asakusa geisha here, who have their center in Kannon-ura.

Visit the O-Fuji-san no Ueki-Ichi market

The “O-Fuji-san no Ueki-Ichi”is held each year at then end of May and June. It is a fun summer tradition in Asakusa. Stalls selling plants and flowers set up in the streets between Senso-ji Temple and Sengen Shrine. Most flowers and plants sold at the market are small enough to fit on a windowsill or a tiny Tokyo balcony. You can buy summer flowers such as Asagao (Morning Glory), herbs, potted vegetable plants, and bonsai. Some shops also sell pots and ceramics. O-Fuji-san no Ueki-Ichi near Sengen Shrine takes place in 2017 on May 27-28 and June 24-25. The pictures above are from the market in May 2017.

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