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Take a rickshaw ride in Tokyo's Asakusa district


2017.06.15 (Thu)

The Japanese word for rickshaw is jinrikisha, written with the three characters meaning person, power, and vehicle. This describes the Japanese rickshaw perfectly. It is not connected to a bicycle or motor, but the driver is pulling you on foot.

In the past rickshaws were used by wealthy people much like a taxi. A rickshaw ride today is purely for pleasure. It is a very comfortable way of sightseeing.

In Tokyo you can take rickshaw rides in Asakusa. The drivers make the ride fun and informative. They are very knowledgeable local guides. On any day you can find male and female drivers on the street between Sensoji Temple and the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center near the Asakusa subway station.

Speak with the drivers. They will explain the different areas to see and the prices for different tours. Many of them have studied English, Chinese, and other languages. You can go for a short ride for 10 minutes or a longer tour of an hour or more.

This is a much more personal experience than joining a tour with a group. Your driver can focus on what interests you. You can just listen or have a conversation. Drivers are friendly and will not only explain history and culture but also answer your questions about Tokyo. They can also recommend places for you to explore later.

You will see the city from a different perspective. This is an excellent opportunity for taking pictures of the different streets and neighborhoods. From your seat you have a great view and the drivers can take pictures of you in the rickshaw, too. Many people use their rickshaw ride to take special pictures dressed in kimono.

One rickshaw has a seat for two, but you can also take one by yourself. If you are traveling in a bigger group or would like to be picked up at a specific place, restaurant, or station contact a rickshaw operator in advance.

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