Torikoe Matsuri June 10-11


2017.06.09 (Fri)

The main festival of Torikoe Shrine is a special one to see. With nearly four tons, the shrine’s massive mikoshi is the heaviest portable shrine in Tokyo. On Sunday it will be taken out of the shrine at 6:30. Then it will carried through the area around the shrine all day.

The climax of the festival is in the evening. When it gets dark, paper lanterns on the mikoshi let it glow in the evening. Surrounded by the different neighborhoods’ lanterns hung from long poles this marks the “miyairi”, the return of the mikoshi to the shrine at 21:00.

Torikoe Matsuri is taking place at the Torikoe Shrine and in the surrounding area on June 10-11, 2017. You can walk here from Kuramae Station, Asakusabashi Station, or Shin-Okachimachi Station in about 10 minutes. Please note that it can get very crowded near the mikoshi.

We recommend that you combine a trip to the festival with some sightseeing, for example in Kuramae, Asakusabashi, Kappabashi, or Asakusa. Enjoy the festival this weekend.

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