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This weekend in Ueno and Asakusa - bonsai, flowers, and mikoshi


2017.05.25 (Thu)

May 24-29: Satsuki Festival in Ueno Park

This is an exhibition of Satsuki Azalea bonsai trees. Satsuki means the fifth month, because these beautifully shaped plants bloom at the end of May. Satsuki are very popular bonsai trees covered with flowers in vibrant colors. The flowers come in many different colors and shades, sometimes with different variations on one tree. The exhibition is organized by the Japan Satsuki Association and takes place near the fountain in Ueno Park. It also includes a small market where you can buy plants.

May 27-28: O-Fuji-san no Ueki-Ichi - Flower Market in Asakusa

The O-Fuji-san no Ueki-Ichi is a market for flowers and potted plants. These include summer flowers, small shrubs that fit onto a balcony, and also herb. Vendors set up in the streets around Sengen Shrine in Asakusa, located in the area behind the Main Hall of Senso-ji Temple. Take a walk through the market and this usually less crowded area of Asakusa. You can find small cafes, restaurants, and bars here. Also try some typical Japanese street food at the market.

May 25, 27, 28: Gojo Tenjin Shrine Festival in Ueno

This weekend the annual main matsuri (festival) of the shrine takes place. And this year is special because on Sunday the main mikoshi (portable shrine) will be used. It is an especially heavy mikoshi weighing over three tons. During the festivities it will be carried through Ueno Park and the area around the shrine on Sunday, 28th May from 10:00. Gojo Tenjin Shrine is located in Ueno Park next to Hanazono Inari Shrine facing Shinobazu Pond.

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